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Update on February 2021 Water Bills

We’d like to provide an update and clarification to how we are addressing water that was lost during period of broken pipes during the February freeze. 

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe after the extreme winter storm two weeks back. We realize that many families within Creedmoor-Maha lost a lot of water because of broken pipes and incurred damage during the storm and are likely still dealing with.

In view of this extreme situation, Creedmoor-Maha on will not be charging for “LOST WATER” in February. We are reviewing each account to determine the average monthly water use over the past 12 months.  We will use this average water amount to ensure that you are not charged for water lost during the storm.  If the February water readings exceed the average monthly water use for your household, we will apply an adjustment to reduce your bill which will appear on your next billing statement.

Please remember, it remains important that you take steps to identify any continuing unintended water flow.  Steps that could be taken include closing all faucets and outlets in your home/facility.  Then take a look at your meter to see if it continues to register water passing.  If the meter is turning, that means water is still passing through to your property – and there must still be a leak in your piping system.   You might then walk your property to observe any signs of water that might be seeping up from a line break. Check also for toilets that may be continuously running or a hose that was inadvertently left on.  You also may want to consider bringing in a licensed plumber to assist in locating water loss.

Your water bill was mailed out last week.  Please call the office (512-243-2113) if you would like more information.