Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors meet the third Wednesday of each month at 6:00 PM. Meetings are open to the public. 

Nuestra Junta Directiva se reúne el tercer miércoles de cada mes en 13709 Schriber Rd, Buda, TX 78610. Las reuniones están abiertas al público. 


Listed below are the current CMWSC Board of Directors and their terms. The Board Bylaws are also available (attached below).

A continuación se enumeran la Junta Directiva actual de CMWSC y sus términos. Los Estatutos de la Junta también están disponibles (adjuntos a continuación).

President Carl Urban [Term expires: 2026]
Vice President Yvonne Gil-Vallejo' [Term expires: 2025]
Secretary/Treasurer Rebecca Richards-Oldag [Term expires: 2026]
Director Bobby Burklund [Term expires: 2026]
Director Earl Burklund [Term expires: 2025]
Director Anna Ortiz [Term expires: 2024]
Director Vacant [Term expires: 2024]
Director John Gray [Term expires: 2024]
Director Darrell Walenta [Term expires: 2025]


President Carl Urban was appointed to the Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors in February 2014. He is currently serving as the Board President. 

Vice-President Yvonne Gil-Vallejo has lived in the Creedmoor area since 1997 and is an esteemed member of the Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corporation Board of Directors, bringing her invaluable expertise to the table since 2018. With a remarkable background in the water utility business, she is currently entrusted with the pivotal role of Project Manager for the City of Kyle Engineering Department, leading their wastewater treatment plant expansion project. Before her tenure at the City of Kyle, Yvonne made significant contributions as a City of Austin Water Project Manager for 28 years, showcasing her exceptional skill set and dedication to the field. Yvonne's wealth of experience and unwavering commitment to excellence make her a vital asset in shaping the future of water supply and management for the community served by Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corporation.

Secretary/Treasurer Rebecca Richards, a longstanding member of CMWSC for over two decades, has been an instrumental and dedicated director for the Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corporation since her appointment to the esteemed Board of Directors in October 2018. With an impressive professional background marked by her adept management of diverse business operations, Rebecca showcases exceptional skills in effective resource utilization, conflict resolution, communication, collaboration, and innovative management approaches. Her unwavering commitment to excellence and her dynamic problem-solving abilities make her an invaluable asset to the CMWSC board. Furthermore, Rebecca's profound passion for animal welfare spurred her to establish a non-profit animal rescue operation in 2006, thereby demonstrating her unwavering dedication to this noble cause.

Director Erland "Earl" Burklund has family history in the Creedmoor community that dates back to 1930, when his parents Paul and Edith Burklund left Brady Tx and made Creedmoor, Texas their home. Earl was born in Austin June of 1934 and grew up on his family’s farm in Creedmoor and has been there for 89years. In 1956, Earl married Nancy Eilers, a fellow resident of the Creedmoor area, and together they lovingly raised three sons. As a united family, they farmed, worked, and volunteered, collectively contributing to the betterment of the Creedmoor community.

The Creedmoor Maha Water Company was established in 1965. At this time the water company started with only 50 water meters for sale. Earl did his part to help get the water company going by purchasing six water meters. In 1966 Preston Laws, the founder and President of Creedmoor Maha Water Company, approached Earl and asked him to join the Water Board. Earl accepted and has served on the Creedmoor Maha Water Board for 57 years to this day. During Earl's time on the Board held several positions but his longest to memory was his role as Vice President. Earl takes immense pride in the remarkable success achieved by Creedmoor Maha Water Co. He fondly cherishes memories of the challenges faced to ensure the company's resilience and independence, preserving its autonomy within the Creedmoor community.

Director Bobby Burklund is a well-respected member of the Creedmoor community with deep roots in the area. Since 1991, Bobby has been a property owner and active member of Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corporation since 1991. His family's association with the water company dates back to its inception in the 1965. Bobby has served on the CMWSC Board of Directors since 2002, contributing to its operations and growth. Bobby works in the Buda area while pursuing his passion for ranching. He dedicates his spare time to managing a ranch and raising cattle. Additionally, Bobby serves as the Antique Tractor Club of Creedmoor Treasurer, actively contributing to the preservation of local heritage. Bobby completed his primary and secondary education in the Del Valle School District and graduated from Del Valle High School in 1979. Bobby and his wife, Kim have been married since 2006.

Director John Gray has been a City Council member for the City of Creedmoor, for six years. As a long-term resident of Creedmoor, TX, he has established deep roots and actively contributes to the city's progress. Alongside his civic duties, John is the proud owner of J&K Utility Services, playing a crucial role in local business development. In January 2023, his dedication to community welfare led to his appointment on the Creedmoor Maha Water Supply Corporation's Board of Directors, where he continues to make valuable contributions. Beyond his professional endeavors, John finds joy in his personal life, having happily shared 32 years of marriage with his beloved wife, Karla, as they both work towards enriching the lives of Creedmoor's residents.

Director Anna Ortiz was appointed on September 20, 2023 by the Board of Directors to serve the remainder of that term, which ends in 2024. 

Director Darrell Walenta has been a dedicated member of the Creedmoor Board of Directors since 1997, contributing to the organization's success and growth with his invaluable service.


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