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Stage 2 Drought Alarm

Creedmoor has been notified of a Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer drought declaration. They have issued a Stage 2 Alarm  Drought!  All Creedmoor-Maha customers must reduce water usage by 20%. This includes, but is not limited to no car washing, no pool refills, or landscape irrigation.   We must conserve to provide for continuous water availability.

Lobby is Open For 2 Customers with Masks

We have opened our Lobby to serve 2 customers at a time. Please wear a face mask (we have masks available) and practice social distancing. 

We appreciate all the cooperation we have recieved from our Community during the pandemic. 


Creedmoor-Maha WSC Management

Due Date Remains the 20th of each Month

The Due Date for Bills is Still the 20th of each month.