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Pipeline Upgrade to Improve Water Flow

Creedmoor-Maha WSC is constantly assessing opportunities for improvements to the water system to reduce water loss, prevent leaks, and increase water flow. In this regard, we will be embarking on the first phase of design to replace a major water pipeline from our main well sites to increase flow into our storage tanks.

This pipeline has been a bottleneck for years as it has limited the flow of water into our system. Increasing the size of the water line from 8-inch lines to 18-inch lines will benefit all members by providing a more stable and consistent flow of maximum water available through the system.

The project development will undergo the standard four phases of development - 1) planning, 2) designing, 3) bidding and 4) construction. Planning was recently completed. In the second phase, the engineering firm, The MRB Group was competitively selected to perform design which will begin immediately. This process allows for the planning and design to be completed now in order to shorten the time required once construction funds, from our new developers, are available.

This particular project will run along FM 1327 from I-35 to Palmer Rd. Funding for this project, infrastructure upgrades and new lines to support new subdivisions will come from prospective developers and not be charged back to existing members. This project is not in the list of projects for the $9.3M loan from the Texas Water Development Board (TWDB).

We will keep members updated on project progress. For more details please see the FAQs provided below or email us at customerservice@creedmoorwsc.com

1. Why does this water line need to be replaced?

It is a bottleneck in our main supply line from our wells.  Our line comes under IH-35 as an 18-inch pipe then necks down to an 8-inch pipe for about 3 miles along FM1327.  It then steps back up to a 12” pipe. This creates a bottleneck that slows down filling our storage tanks. 

The bottleneck is especially a problem during summer months, when our water tanks get low in the day due to high consumption. It takes all night to refill storage tanks because of the slow rate caused by the bottleneck i.e. the 8-inch pipeline. Further, if we have a big leak in conjunction with high water usage, it can take a week to get the tanks back to normal levels. Thus, replacing the 3 miles of the 8-inch pipe will help to alleviate this challenge.

2. Who is benefitting from this project?

All members will benefit from the upgrade by providing a more stable and consistent flow of maximum water available through the system. Specifically,  75 percent of our members who use our well water will benefit; some directly and some indirectly.

3. How long is this project going to take?

We are currently working to complete the design phase with The MRB Group in order to be ready for the next phases of bidding and construction.  We will start construction once we have funding from new developers. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, we will be making necessary operational and contractual adjustments and will have a clearer timeline when we have passed through this challenging time.  

4. Who is paying for it?

We intend to use Capital Improvement Recovery Fees that will be collected from prospective real estate developers to fund the project. The Fees are monies collected from all new water customers to provide funding in support of new and improved infrastructure as well as to maintain the currently installed infrastructure.

5. Will this impact my water bill?

It will not affect current members bills as we will use the funding received from the Capital Improvement Recovery Fees mentioned above.