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New Billing System Information

Creedmoor-Maha is moving to a new billing system March 24, 2020. Some of the features we are excited to see coming are:
We will have full page statements. No more post cards!
We will have a new pay-by-phone number. 
We will be able to store customers' Checking Acct information if they choose Automatic Withdrawl from their personal checking account.
We will be able to find your account in our system faster.
Payment Plans will be listed on the statement.
Lower processing fees (2% vs 4%).

One thing to note: Those on Automatic Billing will need to set up their auto bill in our new system. Your Auto-Pay will NOT transfer over.
We are testing the system now. In a few more weeks, we will be making the transition. 

Thank you for your patience as we learn this new system.