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Update on Operations

Creedmoor-Maha Water Supply Corporation has taken unprecedented steps to respond to the COVID-19 epidemic.

  • The drinking water is safe and will continue to be available throughout this emergency period.
  • CMWSC is a 24/7 operation and continuing to provide safe water is our top priority.
  • CMWSC’s water is disinfected to inactivate bacteria and viruses.
  • The COVID-19 illness is transmitted between people through touching contaminated surfaces to eyes, mouth or by droplets made when people talk, sneeze or cough.
  • We realize there may be interruptions in family income and we want to assure all customers that we will not disconnect water for non-payment during this emergency period.
  • Additionally, late fees and disconnect fees will be waived during this period. When the emergency has passed, we will work with customers to catch up in a reasonable period.
  • We ask that for customers who can still make payments to please do so via non-cash methods - Money Orders, Pay By Phone, Bank Draft, Credit Card and Personal Check.
  • To get additional information on cash payments and reimbursements to customers for the additional charges that may be incurred when purchasing Money Orders or when paying by Credit Card (either on-line, in person, or over the phone) please refer to our March 19, 2020 News Release.

Everyone is being asked to take dramatic steps to limit contact, for an unknown period of time. We realize this pandemic has immediately changed day to day lives in many ways. CMWSC remains able to serve you by phone at (512) 243-2113 or email:  customerservice@creedmoorwsc.com

As we move to a new system of operations,  we appreciate your patience if our response times are longer than usual.

Additional Resources:

  1. Texas Health and Human Services
  2. CDC Drinking Water Guidance
  3. CDC Self Checker: What to Do If You Feel Sick